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06, Jul, 2010

Tuesday 6th July 2010

Poppa Honnor calls us ‘Northland wimps’, and I must admit none of us look too flash at the moment.  I took Rory to the Doctor on Friday, and he prescribed an antibiotic.  Yesterday Rory still had a chesty cough, plus he has had a strange red rash over the past four days.  It appears in one place for 24 hours, disappears, only to reappear somewhere else.  I took him to the Children’s ward at Taranaki Base Hospital and the Doctor heard a pocket of pneumonia in one lung, so he has a new antibiotic with increased strength.  Thankfully Rory was allowed to come home.  I went to the Doctor yesterday, and am taking antibiotics.  I cannot get on top of this bug, and pregnancy puts me at risk of complications.  On Friday Sean succumbed (and has been a dreadful patient), and on Sunday Sam woke up with it too.  Normally we all bounce back from ill health pretty quickly and don’t let it drag down our lives any more than necessary, but I think a combination of the events of the last 17 months has meant we have crashed and burnt. 

Rory spent the last week away from school sick.  He has been indoors pottering around; watching movies, drawing, reading, playing games, and helping me unpack.  Unpacking a home is a big job, but only a dozen banana boxes remain.  On Saturday we managed a general tidy up outside.  Sean and Sam took a trailer load of broken down boxes to the transfer station for recycling, and we reloaded the trailer with rubbish from the section.  Poppa Honnor has been over to put up a shelf in the kitchen and two in the laundry. 

We have made a few of trips into New Plymouth for bits and pieces.  We picked up Rory’s bike, which was converted into a trike by Trikes NZ and the Halberg Trust.  He was excited to see it return, and a little shocked at its appearance.  As soon as I got it home he hurriedly helped me unpack it, got straight onto it, and rode up and down the drive way while I held my breath.  He hasn’t confidently ridden a bike since his diagnosis.  The weather was fine enough for him to ride it to school to collect Sam, about 1km away from home.  He was very proud, and a lot of the children were impressed by his ‘modifications’. 

On Sunday Sam went to the Grade 11 Taranaki rep trials for soccer at Karo Park in Inglewood.  It was a bit hard for Sam.  There were 17 places, and 37 boys tried out.  Sam hasn’t played soccer, or received any coaching, in a proper team since leaving Northland (apart from friendly games at school), and he didn’t know anyone.  He was nervous and shy and didn’t fire up as he usually does, so subsequently didn’t get chosen.  We were a bit sad for him, but it was a good experience for next year when he will be much better prepared.