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22, Apr, 2009

22nd April 2009

Rory loved having Grannie Gardiner around for the day today.  It was a real treat for him to have her company.  She helped pass the time and ease Rory's discomfort during a temperature spike and blood test.  Grannie took the day off from her job at DoC in Whangarei and caught a ride down with cousin Jodi who had come to Auckland for work.  She got up at 3am to be here! 

We also had a visit from Nathan, from Room 4 at Dargaville Primary and his family, and Lisa, Connor and Madison Johnson.  It is wonderful to have so many supportive caring people around, and to hear news from home.

Rory has spiked a temperature twice today, around midnight and 1pm.  Both times blood samples were taken.  Dr Catherine and the lady Dr who takes blood on the night shift are sick of pricking him.  They wish he was happy to see them, and that they brought him pleasurable experiences.  Dr Katherine brought a fart machine to show Rory today.  You push a button and fart noises come out.  You have a range of choices from juicy to nervous to powerful! 

Another one of Rory's blood tests have come back positive for bacteria, but again the Doctors suspect contamination rather than infection.  The Infectious Disease Specialist came to see us today and she said they are reluctant to start antibiotics without more positive samples indicating infection, and an idea of its location.  They only want blood samples taken at 38.5 degrees or higher (which Rory reached this afternoon for the first time in a few days).  We are unsure yet whether surgery is going ahead tomorrow to put in the permacath.  We will find out tonight.

We get to see Mr Law, the Neurosurgeon, tomorrow.  Rory has developed a pocket of csf (cerebral spinal fluid) underneath the stitches on the back of his head from the first operation.  It looks like a long bulge.  He is concerned Rory's system may not be circulating the csf properly and he may need a shunt to enable it to drain away.  He will make a decision tomorrow about this.  If Rory requires a shunt it will mean surgery again early next week.  We are hoping this wont be the case but it is out of our hands. 

Rory still looks well and we see more of his cheeky strong personality each day.  We are grateful for this.  He is also becoming a bit of a media star.  An article appeared in the Northern Advocate newspaper last night, and in the Dargaville and District News today.