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02, Sep, 2010

Thursday 2nd September 2010

It was Daffodil Day last week.  It stirred up a range of emotions for me.  A good friend of mine said for him it was ‘Rory Day’.  I was touched by this.  Living with cancer in your life can be incredibly lonely.  There are many battles to fight, and you often have to fight them alone.  It is hard to find support as only those who have lived through it have the answers, and truly understand.  Yet I was overwhelmed by what I saw people doing to raise funds for cancer research, and organisations like the Cancer Society.  Many many people wore daffodils.  It made me realise many others have fought, or are still fighting, the fight we are, or have felt the cold wind of cancer blow through. 

On Tuesday night on Close-Up we saw a feature on the Trade Me Spring Clean Up for Starship ( ).  It was fronted by Andrew Law the Neurosurgeon who saved Rory’s life, and operated on Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) when he fell out of the coconut tree.  The fundraiser had been organised by a young man whose life Andrew had saved several years ago by removing an inoperable brain tumour.  This young man wanted to say thank you.  His situation almost mirrored out own.  I hope Rory gets the opportunity one day to do the same.  Andrew Law is not only Boo’s Angel, but an angel to many other NZ children.  The value of keeping Doctors like Andrew in NZ  was evident on the young man’s face. 

Winter in the Naki soldiers on.  We have had plenty of rain.  I thanked Jim Hickey for the fine day yesterday as I dried all our washing (the line was complaining under the weight).  Rory seems to be recovering from the cold/flu virus on his own, without antibiotics, which is a small victory.  He only needed three days off school, and unfortunately missed the cross-county.  Sam was determined to run well in the 10 year old boys group (and show the children what Northlanders are made of).  He was first off the starting line, pursued in 2nd for much of the race, and overtook the leader on the home straight to win by a couple of feet.  He was rapt.  He is running in the Inglewood District champs next week.  Soccer has finished for the season, and unfortunately Sam’s team lost their final game 7-0. 

Both boys stood up in assembly last week.  Sam was awarded his first golden REACH certificate, for achieving 100 points for displaying the REACH values (respect, expect, achieve, communicate, hauora).  Rory was presented with Student of the Week (Middle group) by the Principal.  The boys are developing their friendships, playing at friends houses and having them over to ours.  Unfortunately there was an accident at our house on Friday after school.  Sam, Rory and Like had been busy for a couple of hours, on the trampoline, with the Nerf guns, and on the Playstation.  Rory was worn out so Sam and Luke went outside to kick the soccer ball.  Luke stopped one of Sam’s kicks with his hand and fractured his wrist.  He is in a short cast for a couple of weeks.  We all feel dreadful about it. 

On Sunday we went to lunch at Nana and Poppa Honnor’s.  It was the first time we had seen them in a month as they have been on holiday.  Uncle Guy, and cousins Sacha and Corbyn were there too.  It was good to see everyone.  Afterwards Sean, the boys and I went for a walk on the northern section of the coastal walkway, laughing at the number and variety of dogs going by with their owners.