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19, Sep, 2010

Sunday 19th September 2010

I am now 6 months pregnant with a decent sized soccer ball filling my sides and middle.  I am starting to find it difficult to pick up things from the floor and get my shoes on, and I find it hard to get comfortable, particularly after dinner.  I become short of breath or gripped with muscle twinges if I push myself too hard.  The boys are, all of a sudden, concerned with my welfare, regularly telling me to be careful or asking me if I’m alright.  It’s very sweet and amusing.  Rory often says he can’t wait to meet his brother (who still has no name).  The midwife made me have a Polycose blood test this week for gestational diabetes as there is too much sugar in my system (those of you who know me well will not find this a surprise).  As an interesting aside I had a job interview this week with the Taranaki Regional Council.  It was for Co-ordinator of the Taranaki Tree Trust (20 hours/week, flexi-time, on a two year contract).  I have been up front with the Council, they know I am pregnant, and Rory is in remission for cancer.  Watch this space. 

We continue to be blown away (literally) by the weather.  The ongoing rain and big shower bombs have kept us indoors a lot more than we would have liked.  We have watched a few DVDs and done a bit of baking.  Last weekend we indulged in a half hour soak in the Taranaki thermal pool.  The easiest place to walk in bad weather is the New Plymouth coastal walkway so we stretched our legs there last Sunday with Nana and Poppa Honnor, the boys on their bikes, and this morning.  Today the boys and I walked along the beach from Fitzroy to Waiwhakaiho River picking up rubbish for Conservation Week.  We filled ¾ of a rubbish bag.  It was neat to see the boys barefoot in the sand, wearing their coats, exploring and having fun in the stormy weather.  Sam had a treat yesterday.  He went to the Taranaki vs Canterbury rugby game with Uncle Jason and cousin Logan, and several thousand other hardy Taranakians (thanks Jas).  Taranaki won, and Sam and Logan featured twice in the SKY coverage.  Our potluck dinner with the ‘girls’ and their families, plus Dianne and Riccardo (who turned 40!) on the 10th was really enjoyable.  There was plenty of good food, conversation and laughter.  I looked around the table and wondered where 20 years had gone.  We are still the 18 year old ‘girls’ we were when our lives diverged. 

There have been a number of happenings since the last website entry.  Rory gave his speech, and sat the Year 3 (one level below him) national PAT test for numeracy.  He passed, but the same areas of weakness were reinforced.  I am still working on getting him support for numeracy in Term 4.  We collected a bag of donations from the Hells Pizza New Plymouth customers from boss Sandy via Nana (thanks Sandy).  These are very much appreciated and will help pay for Rory’s tuition in Term 4.  On Wednesday Sam competed in the Inglewood Districts cross-country champs at TET stadium.  He ran (barefoot) against the other 10 year old boys in our District (six schools) and got 2nd!  He was very pleased.  He is running in the Taranaki regional champs this week.  Sam had his first guitar lesson on Thursday after school.  He really enjoyed it, but was a little rusty because it has been over a year since he had his last lesson in Dargaville.  Both boys had fun attending the Inglewood Primary School twilight gala on Friday night.  They came away with some treasures from the toy section of the white elephant stall, and got to hang out with their mates.  Sean had a look in their class rooms, and a chat to their teachers (and Rory’s Teacher Aides).  It was a typical gala dinner; sausages in bread, pikelets with cream and jam, popcorn, cupcakes and sherbet.