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23, Dec, 2010

Thursday 23rd December 2010

Sean, Sam, Rory, Colt and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas with the people you love, accompanied by delicious food and a few special pressies!  We wish you all that is good for 2011, health, happiness and memorable adventures.  We thank you for loving and supporting us in 2011 as we have taken tentative steps along the path of remission with Rory.  Your company, strength, generosity and warmth have been greatly appreciated. 

I love being the mother of a newborn (again).  I am so glad we decided to have another baby.  Motherhood wasn’t something which was written into my life plan.  I was never maternal, instead fulfilled by a career in conservation.  My pregnancy with Sam was a surprise, and it changed my life in a way I would likely not have done.  My children have each been a gift.  Sam was the gift of parenthood.  He awakened my body, mind and heart to the wonder and joy of being a mother.  Rory was the gift of life.  His cancer made me realise how precious and fragile life is, how hard we can fight to keep it, and how we should make the most of every day.  I look at Colt and wonder what gift he is.  I think he may be the gift of second chances, the chance to experience all new life has to offer again when we thought we were past it, a chance for us to learn from our mistakes and do many things better. 

On Friday morning (17th) I had a show, and the contractions came infrequently through out the day.  I kept busy, even managing a half hour walk (although I had to stop a few times).  On Saturday morning (18th) there was a much larger show indicating my cervix was dilating.  Again we kept busy, heading into New Plymouth with a list of jobs to do.  By lunch time the contractions were 20 minutes apart, and when we got home at 3pm they were 8 minutes apart.  By 7.30pm they were 4-6 minutes apart so we drove back to New Plymouth to Nana and Poppa’s to drop the boys off for the night.  I settled in there for a couple of hours but by 10.15pm the contractions were strong and frequent and I needed extra help.  Sean and Nana came with me to the Hospital to support me with massages and cold flannels.  I didn’t want any pain relief.  I was 9cm dilated when we got there.  The midwife burst my waters as the bulging sack was holding the baby up high, preventing him from coming down into my pelvis.  His head was also in a funny position so she managed to turn it.  After 45 minutes of pushing I felt him crown, then slowly slip out.  It was 0:12am.  It was an amazing sensation.  I reached for him without hesitation and placed him skin to skin.  I felt completely connected to him and the experience.  He began to breast feed within minutes.  After the cord was clamped Sean cut it.  Colt was 51cm long and weighed 3.5 kg (7lb 14oz).  I made it upstairs to the maternity ward with Colt around 2.30am.  Sean and Nana went home.  Sean, Sam and Rory came to liberate us on Sunday morning.  I was keen to get home.  The boys were in awe of Colt, plus a little nervous and unsure.  They were taken by his soft skin, mop of hair, and cute face (complete with facial expressions).  Colt has been breast feeding heartily, and my milk has come in.  After only a few days he is more alert, opening his eyes looking at, and listening to, the world.  He likes to be touched, held and talked to, and to be on the move.  Thank you to Grannie and Grandad Gardiner, Nana and Poppa Honnor, the Johnstons, Taranaki Regional Council, Dianne and Riccardo, and Cindy and Neville for your lovely cards, presents and flowers. 

People have been asking us about Colt’s name.  We wanted a short, strong, unique masculine name.  Colt is the brand name of a firearm, and also conjures up images of an energetic young horse.  Ngahere means ‘forest’ in maori, and seemed appropriate given Sean and I’s love of the NZ bush, and Sean’s family links to the bush as hunters and bushmen. 

Colt’s impending arrival, birth, and settling in, has dominated the last ten days.  There has also been a bit of wrapping up for the year.  Sam and Rory visited their new classrooms, and met their new teachers for 2011.  Both boys were happy to have good mates in with them.  We missed the Inglewood Primary School final assembly/prize giving as Sam was sick violently and unexpectedly a couple of hours prior.  School finished with a half day on the 16th of December.  Nana Honnor picked the boys up from school as I went to work for an extra day to attend the Taranaki Biodiversity Forum (only 3 days before Colt was born).  I also ended up at Medicross Clinic with Sam getting a wrist x-ray as he was still complaining it was sore after his skateboard accident.  It turned out to be a sprain.  Rory finished swimming lessons and got a certificate for his achievement.  I picked up his laptop which is in a box by my feet waiting for me to set it up for him during the school holidays.