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24, Apr, 2009

24th of April 2009

It was an interesting night last night.  We had a visit from Uncle Jason, Wendy, Logan and Michaela from New Plymouth.  Uncle Jason is the head paediatric nurse at Taranaki Base Hospital.  He informed me the paediatric nurses are very experienced at dealing with mothers like me!  It was lovely to see them and many times during our stay I have wished I had Jason in my pocket.  Rory was quite taken with baby Michaela, and of course the weird and wonderful toys they bought (alien growing is on the agenda!).

We met with Mr Law last night.  He is still concerned about infection as Rory has had two blood tests postive for bacteria.  The infection appears to be low grade but simmering somewhere.  We cannot afford for it to flare up during either radio or chemo therapy.  To treat the infection Mr Law is planning to operate on Tuesday to remove the bone flap over the site of the first tumour, and the Reservoir/button put in during the second surgery.  He may also put in a shunt if he doesn't think Rory is draining his csf properly (a shunt is a little tube which runs from Rorys ventricles (spaces in his brain) under the skin down his neck and chest and into his abdominal cavity).  Last night Mr Law and Dr Jason took a fresh samples from the reservoir/button, and drained the bulge over the first set of stitches.  Rory had his last blood test.  They are no longer pricking him when he gets a temperature.  Rory had a headache like a hangover for about half an hour!  He now has to wear a pressure bandage around his head to stop the bulge from refilling.  Both csf samples have elevated white cells, and they are culturing them to see if bacteria will grow. 

Infectious diseases have recommended we hold off administering any antibiotics until the existing blood samples have been grown (takes 3 days).  This afternoon Rory had another CT scan, and they have put a new wiggly in his left hand.  Rory was none too thrilled about being nil by mouth for 4 hours before the scan.  After all he has endured I swear he gets madder about a lack of food than anything else - typical male!  We got to spend last night at RM House, and hopefully will tonight as well.  We are looking forward to the return of dad and Sam tomorrow. 

Rory had a session of physio today with Rachel and Rebecca, they played quoites with their hands and feet, computer games and rode the bike.  We also got out for a couple of walks in the Domain.   We received a lovely package from Katherine and Korie, and Korie's nana just called to tell us they will be swining by tomorror to visit us! 

Rory says to tell Mrs McLean he saw Caesars collar in Auckland Museum.