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27, Apr, 2011

Wednesday 27th April 2011

My mum calls Colt a time-waster, and she is right.  We all spend a lot of time caring for him, playing with him, and keeping him happy.  We enjoy doing it (most of the time).  He has us all around his little finger at 4 months old.  I know he takes a lot of my time and energy, and I sometimes feel guilty about this.  It is time and energy I could be spending on Rory, or working to help support our family financially.  But Colt is a joy, and he has bought a new dimension to our family.  I know we did the right thing having him, even though it has made our lives a little more complicated.  This was reinforced last week when Rory said to me ‘having Colt was the right decision’.  Colt is now 4 months old, 6.7kg and 62cm long.  Everyone says he looks big but during his visit with the Plunket Nurse I looked at his statistics on the NZ growth chart and he is Mr Average.  He has started rolling over, front to back and back to front.  He is now holding his head up sufficiently well to face outwards in the front pack so he is into everything which is going on.  For the local Playcentre fundraiser we had a family portrait done.  It is the first photo of the five of us together.  We are now bigger than your average kiwi family!  Colt will begin with a Porse Educator one day per week from next week.  Nana has been helping me with him over the holidays and will do every fortnight in Term 2 as I am still feeding him exclusively. 

The school holidays have flown by.  The boys and I have been enjoying our usual activities.  We have surfed YouTube and borrowed graphic novels at the public library, shopped for treasure at the New Plymouth Hospice shop, watched ‘Hop’ at the movies, and taken a swim at the Aquatic Centre.  We have walked on the coastal walkway, the Kaitake Golf Course (9 holes with Nana), and tramped the Lake Mangamahoe circuit.  The Easter Bunny came and we all ate way too much chocolate.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch with the girls and their families (minus the Ladbrooks who were struck down by the chicken pox which has been going around) to say ka kite ano to Janine (and family) before they take off for a holiday around Europe.  We tramped up Mt Taranaki to the snow at Tahurangi Lodge.  We were below the Puffer when the temperature dropped, the wind got up, and the fog rolled in.  We were glad to reach the shelter of the Lodge where we put on more warm gear and ate lunch.  Colt who was in the front pack resembled an icicle. 

There was much going on before the school holidays.  Uncle Guy turned 35 (Happy Birthday)!  Grannie and Grandad Gardiner drove down from Whangarei for an overnight stay.  Nana and Poppa came over for dinner so the boys had both sets of grandparents under our roof and it was a happy night.  We have had two enjoyable evenings up at Jason and Wendy’s villa under the mountain.  The first was to farewell their American exchange student Allie who was returning home, and the other was for Auntie Bev’s 70th birthday (Jason’s mum). 

Sam has been busy as an Intermediate.  Sean and I helped him sew and build a kite for his first technology project.  His class ran the assembly at Inglewood Primary in the final week of school.  Their opening skit was acrobatics to music and Sam ran down the aisle and did a flip onto an inflatable mat before joining the others on stage.  Later on he took part in a puppet show which the juniors found hysterical.  Sam produced two pieces of art for the Art auction at school which was a fundraiser for Intermediate camp later in the year.  He produced a picture of a vase of tulips and a portrait of me, complete with a Wordle (see the April photos).  Rory had fun at his good friend Ethan’s 9th birthday at Urenui beach while Sean, Sam, Colt and I spent an afternoon goat hunting.  Both boys have joined soccer teams and commenced practice.  Formal games begin after the holidays.  Rory has had a visit to the Hospital for a check up with the Dentist.  He needs two small fillings and it was thought best to have the work done at the Hospital as opposed to the local dental clinic.  As a result we now have to wait 7 weeks to get the work done!  He has a loose tooth which has been giving him grief.  I asked the Dentist to pull it out but she said he would require a large one-off dose of antibiotics as a precaution to protect the shunt.  I wasn’t happy about this as we try to only give him medication if it is absolutely necessary, so I said we would wait.  She told him to try biting into some apples, but he is trying to con me into Pixie Caramels!  He’s just like his father.