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26, Apr, 2009

26th April 2009 Part I

Rory is currently waiting surgery.  He has been waiting since yesterday.  The Doctors called us on Friday night.  Rory's CT showed his ventricles (spaces in his brain) were more enlarged indicating a build up of csf (hydrocephalus) and they are still very concerned about infection.  So they brought his surgery forward to lunchtime yesterday.  But after being nil by mouth all day they bumped him off the list at 4pm.  It is hard having faith in the medical system .  The Doctors and Nurses are wonderful, a group of highly skilled, caring, dedicated people but they are completely overwhelmed.  There isn't anywhere enough of them, or the resources they need.  As a result things never go to plan.  The acute cases (accidents mostly) keep pouring in the door and take priority over patients like Rory.  This is extremely traumatic for Rory who psychs himself up for surgery, holding himself together by a thread, and going hungry and thirsty all day, only to be told at the last minute its off.  The unfortunate result is that he gets sicker.  The hydrocpehalus has taken hold and he has an almost constant head and neck ache, and his right pupil is enlarged incdicating increased pressure.  Plus the infection continues to bubble away.  He is sleeping a lot more.  We are in a constant state of anxiety as he approaches acute status.  The Doctors told us he would be first up today, but traumas have pushed it out to midday, and who knows if it will even occur.  Our lives have become totally goverened by the system and we cannot go forward or back.  We are trapped here now and none of us can return home to work or school as a result.  But we are all holding tight.  Both Sean and I feel a lot of anger and frustration that Rory is forced to endure this situation because our health care system is under resourced ... all in the climate of tax cuts.  Sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

But the bright light in it all continues to be our boys, Rory and Sam, and the fact we have them both with us.  All the messages and wonderful visitors we have had give us strength and comfort.  Yesterday one of Rory's best friends Korie visited for the first time with Nana Morrison.  Rory was thrilled to see them both, and it took his mind off the situation at hand.  The boys talked about their toys and news from home.  Korie had made beautiful gingerbread men which were devoured for dessert last night, and Nana Morrisons casserole was greatly appreciated for dinner - I have to up the standard of my cooking now)!  We also got a visit from Connor and Zacs Auntie Debs.  She brought her scrumptious chocolate muffins, farm fresh eggs, and some puzzles to pass the time.  The chocolate muffins are famous on the ward after we shared a couple with the nurses.  The stcky sweet chocoate brought us all pleasure!  

It was wonderful to have Sean and Sam back at Starship.  Rory's face lights up when he sees his brother, and it really makes a difference to the atmosphere to have him ripping around as normal.