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22, Aug, 2011

Disneyworld, USA Trip

Air New Zealand and the Huapai-Kumeu & Inglewood Lions Club have offered Rory the trip of a lifetime to Disneyworld, USA - But we need your help to get him there

In March 2010 the Huapai-Kumeu Lions Club, Auckland, contacted Ronald McDonald House with a potential opportunity for one lucky family to visit Disneyworld in Florida, USA. We were offered this chance. Air NZ generousy offered to substantially discount airfares for our family. We had one hurdle to overcome, obtaining travel insurance for Rory. Despite an exhaustive search we could not find an insurance company in New Zealand prepared to provide cover for Rory as he had only been off treatment for three months. We were not prepared to travel without insurance so we had to decline the offer. We assumed another family would enjoy the opportunity.

In June 2011 I received a call from the Huapai-Kumeu Lions saying the opportunity was still on the table until November. I was shocked and excited but cautious as the same hurdle remained. One insurance company, Chartis, indicated they would consider providing travel cover for Rory if his MRI scan in July did not show any evidence of cancer. In mid-July Rory returned to Starship Hospital for his four-monthly monitoring, and thankfully his MRI was clear. He has now been in remission for 19 months. I sent the results to the insurance company and at the end of July we were advised they would provide travel cover. In early August AirNZ generously offered us the same deal on airfares.

We estimate the trip will cost a minimum of $7,000 if we do everything on a shoestring. We are on a tight timeframe as the trip has been booked for the end of November. We are fundraising for the trip as we are on a tight budget. If you would like to help us give Rory the trip of a lifetime please make a donation.

We would like to thank the following people, and organisations, for their generous support:

The Mellowpuff Trust

Huapai-Kumeu Lions Club (especially Gavin and Julie Burtleson)

Inglewood Lions Club

Air New Zealand (Mike Tod and Shelley Crawford)

Hells Pizza NZ (Stu McMullan) and Hells Pizza New Plymouth (Sandy Blackburn)

Smokeylemon Website Design (Mandy McGregor)

The Brimelow family

Robyn Strampel


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