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10, Nov, 2011

Thursday 10th November 2011

Twas the week before Disneyworld when all through the house the excitement was building .... it was impossible to douse. There are only a handful of sleeps before we depart for America. I have tied up all the loose ends, we have someone to look after the house, and packing has commenced. It’s hard to believe we are finally going. Last week at a full school assembly Rory’s teacher, Miss Smith, presented Rory with a giant-sized cheque for $1,358.00. This was raised by the school through a series of activities; a sausage sizzle, fudge and sherbet sales, a Disney dress up day, a disco, and from donations. Rory’s best friends Ethan and Alana dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse to assist with the presentation. It was a lovely gift from the Inglewood Primary School (IPS) community. Thank you all very much.

I am so glad Rory gets to go on this trip. A boy from one of the Taranaki Child Cancer Foundation families relapsed recently after being in remission from brain cancer for nine years. Our hearts and positive thoughts go out to his family. Someone said to me with cancer you don’t know which card you are going to draw, or when, which is why we try to give Rory a life less ordinary. Rory goes into Starship for an MRI, blood tests and an appointment with his Oncologist upon our return. I hope with all my heart the results remain clear.

The boys returned to school for Term 4, the final one of the year. We have been busy with the usual after school activities; swimming, guitar, soccer development squad, and Clever Kids. Sam competed with the Kohanga Moa kapa haka group at the Taranaki Kapa Haka Festival. The boy’s haka was so fierce Colt burst into tears in the audience. Sam also made IPS’s 100’s club for consistently showing his REACH values this year (Respect, Expect, Achieve, Communicate, Hauora). I’m hoping Rory will make it too. This week the boys have both participated in the school show “Entertainment through the Ages”. Over 800 people attended the four performances. Sean and I went last night and thought it was a fantastic effort. Sam was a ‘Techie’ helping out with the computer/data show and starred in two of the futuristic ‘news’ clippings his class filmed. Rory danced to the Boney M song ‘Daddy Cool’. There were tears in my eyes as I watched him on stage. He’s giving life 110%. The boys have been enjoying time with their mates. Taylor and Luke stayed over last weekend and we took all five boys tramping up the Mangorei Track to Pouakai Hut on Mt Taranaki. They had energy to burn and managed to keep up an almost continuous conversation on the climb. We enjoyed lunch at the Hut where the sky cleared momentarily giving us a view. As well as sharing the wild with the boys the highlight for me was seeing Rifleman and Whitehead. Rory had a great afternoons action at friend Alex’s 9th birthday, and Sam had an eventful night over at cousin Logan’s for his 12th.

Rory was thrilled last week to receive a letter in the mail saying he had been accepted into Camp Quality for the Central Districts region in 2012. It is being held in Hawkes Bay in January, and Rory is lucky to have Mike Long as his companion again. Mike was Rory’s right hand man at his first Camp Quality camp this year, and Rory is very fond of him. We think highly of Mike and can relax a bit knowing Rory will be in good hands. The theme for CQ2012 is Harry Potter so I’m sure there will be plenty of magical happenings.

Colt is now 10.5 months old and has cut two big front teeth. He is generally a happy little man, but hasn’t been himself this week. On Monday night he ran a temperature of 39.4 degrees. This week Sean and I have suffered from two nights of little sleep and worry. Colt has had his first swim at the Aquatic Centre, and has commenced physical play at Space with boxes and balloons, tents and tunnels, and the sandpit. Sharon, his Porse Educator, has been away for the past two weeks so I have been unable to work. Colt and I have been spending more time together, and he is going through a clingy phase, voicing his dissatisfaction when I am not there.

I have enjoyed a little time out this month, attending the Child Cancer Foundation Mothers Pamper event. It was held at the Taranaki Thermal spa. I was treated to a soak in the pools, a massage and a facial. It was lovely to put everything aside for a few hours, and talk with the other mums.

Happy Birthday to cousin Logan, Nana Honnor, and Rory’s friend Alex.

We look forward to sharing our trip with you when we return. xoxo