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04, Dec, 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011

We are home. We had the most fantastic time in Florida. It was amazing. I am playing catch up but I am looking forward to sharing our stories and photos. Thank you everyone for your gift to Rory and our family.

Rory’s MRI at Starship this week was clear of disease, so he remains in remission, which was excellent news. However sometime during the last week there has been a bleed in one of the small blood vessels in his brain. The clot is approx. 0.5cm. They can’t tell us what caused the bleed, but it looks as though the high dose radiotherapy he received (the big ‘gun’ for medulloblastoma) has damaged the vascular system in his brain. He has to return to Starship in two weeks for further imaging, and so we can discuss with the Doctors what is found and the treatment regime. We are hoping the clot will dissipate on its own. The news was a shock for us, and at this stage there are more questions than answers. In the long-term Rory is at increased risk of having a stroke because of the vascular damage.

Happy 12th Birthday Sam, and Happy 3rd birthday cousin Mikayla.