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08, Jan, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! May 2012 be filled with adventure, and the good outweigh the bad for all of us.

Just before Christmas Rory, Colt and I flew to Auckland so Rory could have a repeat MRI to check his brain bleed. Thankfully it is resolving itself (being re-absorbed). Dr Stephen told us the bleed was in a minor vessel so it couldn’t be classified as a cavernoma. The bleed was caused by vascular damage due to radiotherapy. How this manifests itself long term is anyone’s guess. At times like this I hear the words of one of the other medullo mums bouncing around in my head “our kids are an experiment”. Rory’s next MRI is scheduled for May and will be done in New Plymouth. Rory, Colt and I stayed the night at Ronald McDonald Grafton Mews, and Sean, Sam and Fern drove north to meet us for the appointment.

As it was good news we were all able to travel to Northland to stay with Grannie and Grandad Gardiner at Whakapara for a week. The weather was cooler and wetter than we anticipated. One night we subject to thunder and lightning which lit up the house like a neon light and lasted for hours. We enjoyed our time in the north. Grandad had smoked a couple of orders of tuna (eels) so we were able to eat them hot straight out of the smoker. We went for many walks up the back of the farm, and the boys cooking with Grannie. We spent Christmas morning at home opening and playing with our presents, then went to a big family lunch (which was delicious) at Uncle Vaughan and Sue’s at Pakaraka. The boys enjoyed catching up with cousins Troy and Blake, and a water fight broke out mid-afternoon. Several of the ‘big’ boys were involved. On the one fine day we escaped to Mimiwhangata for a long walk on the beach and a couple of swims. We were all caught out and got sunburnt. We drove across to the west coast and caught up with old friends the Wilys (Mark, Kay, Conor and Zac) at Bayley’s Beach, Jason at Hunting and Fishing, and Trudi and Kody who were camping at Kai Iwi Lakes. Sean was treated to Trudi’s chocolate caramel slice. I called in to see my good friend Dianne (and Ricardo), and we visited Great Uncle Harry and Pat, and Great Uncle Hami and Auntie Hillary. Our last stop was to see the Miller lads (Andrew, Brad, Lewis and Cole) and Denise. Andrew showed his feminine side by baking a cake, which impressively tasted good. Sean and Alan went out goat hunting for a day, and we all had a swim at the Aquatic Centre.

It rained the whole drive home. At one stage it was so heavy the window wipers were on full speed and visibility was only a couple of metres in front of the car. Since we have been home we have spent some time with Nana and Poppa, Uncle Guy and Sacha and Corbyn; having a late Christmas celebration, boogy boarding at East End beach, and sharing a meal at the New Plymouth Club. We planned to see the night lights at Pukekura Park but it was too wet. We have been swimming at Inglewood and Stratford pools, and caught up with Uncle Jason, Wendy, Logan and Mikayla. Sean returned to work at Taranaki Regional Council last Wednesday and I go back tomorrow. I have been spending the ‘extra’ time putting things in order for 2012.

Colt is growing fast. He spends a lot of time standing, and is walking hanging onto things. Over the last fortnight he had his first ear infection, and broke out in a body rash (either a virus or the antibiotic). He has started sleeping in his own room. We never bothered to move his cot out of our room but decided on the 31st of December it was time. He has adapted well. For the first few nights our room felt large and empty.

We have made one resolution for 2012 - to get fit. Sean and I have set ourselves the goal of completing the Goat, a 21km adventure run from Whakapapa skifield to Turoa ski field in December. I have started training from scratch with Rory on his bike, and Sam alternating runs with riding. Our starting point is 6km ... only 15km to add, then throw in the tough terrain!