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27, Apr, 2009

27th April 2009

Rory's surgery went ahead yesterday.  They wheeled him into theatre with Sean at 12.55pm.  Sean looked a sight in a disposable yellow gown, blue shoes and pink hat.  Definitely a photo for the website.  It doesn't seem to get any easier seeing Rory go into theatre.  We managed to fill in three hours catching up on jobs in town and were back in the waiting room at 4pm.  They estimated the operation would take 3 hours but we were still waiting at 6pm.  By then I was beside myself and pacing outside the locked double glass doors which lead into the surgical area.  We finally were let in at 7.05pm.  Rory was in recovery, awake, in some pain and thirsty.  Once they had stabilised him with morphine we went back to the Ward (into HDU).  I stayed the night with him.  He was awake for most of it and the nurse, Kylie, set up and managed the multitude of lines, pumps, and drains.  He was hungry at 10pm and ate half a cheeseburger and small fries! 

This morning he is drinking, eating, and talking although in some pain.  He has a morphine pump which allows him to push a small button to administer his own pain relief.  He is also running a temperature at 39.6 degrees.  Mr Law and Dr Steven removed the bone flap and artificial membrance, and the reservoir/button.  They also put in an EVD which drains his excess csf via a small tube in his head into a bag by the bed.  He had quite high pressure in his head.  They monitor and test this.  He is also on antibiotics. 

He started the GCSF (hormone) injections yesterday to stimulate stem cell production from his bone marrow.  He will be getting four injections, one daily, until his levels are high enough to allow them to harvest his stem cells, possibly on Thursday.  We are not sure about whether the start date for radio therapy (5th) will remain as the Doctors have to remove the external drain and likely replace it with an internal shunt.  This will involve an operation sometime in the next couple of weeks. 

All going well Sam and I hope to head home tonite for a bit of a break, and I will return on Wednesday morning.  Sean will be in charge in my absence!!