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01, May, 2009

1st May 2009

Rory has come out of his 5th surgery in six weeks.  The Charge Nurse in the surgical wing said they dish out special treatment for regulars like Rory.  He even discussed how he was to be put to sleep this morning with Brian the Paediatric Anaethetist.  He doesn't like having the mask and the gas, he prefers to get medicine in his wiggly, they call it magic milk because its white.  It stings a little.  Dad accompanied Rory into surgery wearing his usual get up.  One of the nurses gave Sean a proper surgeons cap to wear in and keep, as a result he got a few strange looks.  The surgery today lasted for three hours and they inserted the shunt.  You can see where it sits under Rory's scalp, runs down his neck, and down the middle of his chest.  They made an incision above his tummy button and positioned the end of the shunt tube into his abdominal cavity.  There is swelling and bruising and Rory is sorest where the incision is.  He came out of surgery all yellow and orange as the doctors had washed him with iodine.  Sean and I gave him a sponge bath to clean him up.  Rory's requests for lunch after surgery were a meatosaurus pizza and lemonade!  It took Sean and I a bit of searching around Auckland to find the pizza!  Steph called in after surgery and Rory chose a silver star for the operation, and got to choose an easter egg bead for reaching another 100 beads.

Last night Sean and Rory had a bit of an adventure.  One of the doctors ordered a pre-op CT scan prior for this mornings operation.  At 10.30pm in the semi-dark of the hospital Sean and Nurse Simone wheeled Rory down for the CT and he was not happy.  He hid completely under the sheet on the bed and complained and grizzled.  Sean and Simone reckon the bed was unhappy! 

Nicola from Oncology called in.  Yesterdays stem cell harvest yielded enough for 2/4 units required.  The staff from the NZ Blood Service will be back tomorrow morning for the second harvest.  Hopefully we will be able to obtain the last two units tomorrow, and he will be able to have the femoral line removed.