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02, May, 2009

2nd April 2009 PartI


The worst moments over the journey for Sean and I have been when Rory has been in severe pain, and we haven't known the cause, or been able to do anything to stop it.  Last night was another one of those moments.  After recovering well from the surgery at around 5.30pm Rory developed soreness on his right side below the wound.  It got progressively worse until he was in a lot of pain.  The Doctors gave him morphine to stop the pain and we were again wandering the halls of Starship and Auckland Hospital in the semi-darkness for an emergency CT and some xrays (of his head, chest, and stomach).  He seemed to settle to sleep when we returned some time before 11pm and woke up this morning well.  We have yet to see the Doctors on rounds to find out the cause.  Sean and I both slept on the floor by the bed just in case he needed emergency surgery or the pain returned when the morphine wore off. 

Rory got his morning finger prick blood test and is all hooked up ready for the next stem cell harvest which will start late this morning. 

He has taken a lot of delight over the last few days with another toy Dr Katherine brought him to play with.  It is called Star Wars In Your Pocket and it is a small black device which fits in the palm of your hand.  It has six red buttons and when you push them each provides sound track from the early series of Star Wars movies; Pricness Leia "Help me ObiWan Kenobi you are my only hope", Yoda "Do or do not, there is no try", ObiWan Kenobi "Remember the force will be with you always", Darth Vader breathing, a light saber fight, and C3PO "We're doomed".  I'm sure many of the parents of our generation will be able to remember the sequences too!