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03, May, 2009

3rd May 2009


It looks like a beautiful sunny day outside today.  One of the things we all stuggle with is being inside 24/7, and for Rory it is worst as for much of the last week he has been confined to bed.  I fight to keep Rory on the path of a normal life.  Today he put he his clothes back on and walked down the hall to the toilet.  We force ourselves to take it day by day but I hope we can start to venture out again soon. 

The results of Rory's CT and xrays came back.  The shunt set-up looks fine, only monitoring will determine whether it is working to manage the hydrocephalus.  If it isn't he will experience the same symptoms as before, headaches, vomiting, tiredness, and some change to his eyes.  When they inserted the end of the shunt into his abdominal cavity it caused the bowel to go on strike resulting in severe colic-like symptons, the Doctors told us this was the reason he was in pain on Friday night.

The second harvest of his stem cells went ahead yesterday and they collected all which was required, which was good news.  Therefore he doesn't have to have any more gcsf (hormone) injections.  This morning the femoral line in his left groin, and the insuflon (plug they inject the hormones into) in his right thigh were removed.  He also managed to kick out the iv in his right foot overnight.  We found it in his bed!  So now he only has a line in his left hand for antibiotics which they want to continue until next Sunday.  He is still having daily blood tests.

We had a lovely visit yesterday afternoon and this morning from Kay Smith, Conor and Zac Wily from home.  They came armed with goodies for both Rory and I; toys, books, cards, and chocolates.  Mother Hen Kay made sure we didn't have to eat hospital food for a few days leaving soup, crumble, biscuits, muffins, and lunch for today!  We both enjoyed their company and hearing about the everyday happenings in our lives back home.  Thanks guys.