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04, May, 2009

4th May 2009


Last night was another interesting one.  We had a visit from one of my old friends from university days at Massey, Victoria Chapman.  The last time I saw Vic was when Rory was 1 and she stayed with us inWhangarei!  The iv in Rory's left arm was hurting so it was replaced before bed for one in the right.  When the nurse went to administer antibiotics at 9pm it was hurting and leaking so she called the House Surgeon, who showed up around midnight to put a new line in Rory's left arm.  It took an hour for the antibiotics to infuse so Rory and I were both staring at the ceiling at 1.30am trying to get back to sleep.

Rory has had a few headaches today which concern me.  They could be due to stress, lack of sleep or part of the healing process, but headaches are also the first sign the shunt isn't working.  My paranoia eventually convinced Dr Jason to get Rory a CT scan this afternoon to check the size of his ventricles (a more definite indicator).  I have yet to hear the result. 

On the good news front Rory and I have been discharged to Ronald McDonald House during the day.  This meant a long hot shower for Rory (including a hair wash) and a change of clothes.  The dressings have been removed from all his stitches and he looks very much like a soldier wounded during war.  I hope to start him at the RM House school tomorrow although he is resisting (nothing beats Dargaville Primary and his mates there!).  We cannot sleep at the House at night as he is still having one of his antibiotics 4x day (6 hourly) and it takes an hour for them to go in.  This means one hit before bed, one during the night, and one first thing in the morning.  This proves logistically challenging and tiring from the House. 

Rory had his first on his feet session with Rachel and Rebecca today.  They played skittles, soccer and peg games.  They were pleased at what he could cope with after a week in bed (he even rode the bike a little way).

The start of radiotherapy has been put back to Thursday as they need to do further planning for Rory's treatment.  He will receive a session on Thursday morning and one on Friday morning.  We hope to escape home after midday antibiotics on Friday if all goes well (and my paranoia about the shunt is just that).  It will be great to see Sean (who went home on Saturday) and Sam.