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06, May, 2009

6th May 2009


A Doctor pulled off the impossible at lunchtime and found a functioning vein in Rory's right arm, much to the relief of ID, so we are back to sleeping on the ward.  He had a good sleep at RM House, although he is getting some sharp head pains during the night and early morning when he moves a lot.  The new line means Rory can continue to receive iv antibiotics until midday Friday.  It is being infused (using a machine which drips it in slowly over an hour) rather than being pushed to try and save the vein.  Rory was amazing when the Doctor put the line in, he held still and hardly made a sound.  Sometimes I wonder where he draws it from. 

He has had every second stitch removed from the wound on the back of his head, 7 out, 8 remaining.  He added these to his gruesome jar.  Sarah the Play Specialist continues to come up with amazing toys to distract him; a spot what bean bag with a clear window, a handheld fan with six coloured neon lights which change patterns, a dancing alien in a jar of water, a celestial orb, and a squishy ball full of cockroaches which ooze out when you squeeze it (this was almost too much for me).

Rory had another physio session with Rachel, they played skittles, golf, and used the wobbly board.  He won't be having any more sessions with Rebecca (Occupational Therapist) for now as he is perfectly capable of working things out and doing fine motor activities.  We just need to strengthen his physical movement.  We called in to see Carol at the Child Cancer Foundation this afternoon and Rory made a start on a set of sibling beads of courage for Sam, and I got a mothers heart of courage which I will be making into a necklace to wear during our treatment times.