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08, May, 2009

8th May 2009


Rory and I are sitting in Starship waiting for the last infusion of his antibiotics to finish so we can go home.  It is definitely a time of mixed feelings.  We are both excited, nervous, happy, apprehensive, impatient, and a little sad.  It has been 7.5 weeks since we got the news and entered Starship.  Going home is like learning to walk all over again. 

Rory completed his first radiotherapy session this morning and did so bravely.  We had a hiccup yesterday morning as the back part of his mask was too tight (due to the new shunt) and hurt to be worn.  Geoff, the mask creator came and 'blew up' (enlarged) a space with a hot air gun.  Rory was quite distressed because of the tight fit, and eventually we ran out of time.  My nerves were shot.  We cannot afford to delay the radiotherapy as the tumour is fast growing and aggressive.  But all went well this morning.  The radiotherapy ladies have made a Ben 10 chart for Rory with the numbers 1-33 on it (he has to have 33 treatments).  Each time he completes a treatment he gets to put a sticker on.  Today was number 1.  I was very proud of him.  During the set up of radiotherapy we had a Clone Wars quizz, and while the machine was in operation I read Geronimo Stilton over a microphone in another room.  Dr Anthony, Rory's new Doctor (Radio Oncologist) was there to greet Rory this morning and give him a pep talk. 

Rory has said his goodbyes to Dr Jason (who shook his hand and was happy to discharge him!) and Nurse Steph this morning.  Steph brought in his first glow in the dark bead for radiotherapy.  She took out the last of the stitches in the back of Rory's head yesterday.  We have packed up at RH House (how did we ever bring so much gear) and let Kate the Manager know we will be back on Monday.  Yesterday we met the two teachers at RM House and visited the classroom in anticipation of starting next week. 

We looked at the new pictures from Dargaville Primary on the website.  We are blown away by the effort of the children (and their parents) and the generosity of the community as we help Rory fight.  Thank you all so much.