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12, May, 2009

12 May 2009


Rory attended radiotherapy session number 3 this morning.  He seems to have made peace with what he has to do, and the specialists are getting quicker at positioning him.  They are focusing on his back at present as the tumour cells travel in the csf (cerebral spinal fluid) which also runs down the spine from the brain.  He attended his first session at the Ronald McDonald House School this morning.  They are studying space and tomorrow we have a visit to the Star Dome!  The lesson was broken up by a yoga session with Lisa to limber everyone up (I was creaking!) and to lead into the next unit on health.  We caught up with Steph after lunch for the next collection of beads, and then met with Dr Lewis to discuss how radio therapy is going.  They will give Rory a blood test once per week to monitor his blood count and kidney function.  He had a physio session with Rachel but wasn't quite himself as he is getting stabbing pains on and off on his left and right sides.  We are not sure why but it may be muscle strain as he resumes activity.  After seeing Rachel we took a short spin in the Domain for some fresh air and fed the pigeons.  A young bird sat on Rory's knee and made soft calling sounds.  Maybe he has inherited my love of birds as well as Sean's need to hunt and kill!