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13, May, 2009

13th May 2009


Steph said to Rory and I today 'you guys always manage to pack plenty into your days' and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Life is for living, and we appreciate this now more than ever.  Rory had radiotherapy session number 4 this morning.  The dissolvable stitches and patch had come off his stomach so you can see the scar (about an inch long) where they positioned the shunt.  At morning tea at Muffin Break we bumped into Ben Hakaraia and his wife.  They knew Poppa Honnor and had heard about Rory's fight.  It was lovely to meet them.  It was a busy morning at school.  The lesson started with decorating space biscuits with Chef Chris.  Then we caught the new Ronald McDonald House mini-bus to the Star Dome at One Tree Hill.  We sat in the Star Dome in reclining chairs and watched a 3D film projected 360 degrees on to the roof entitled Wonders of the Universe.  It showed us how the universe was created.  It really was spectacular and mind blowing.  We then looked at the stars in the night sky and their patterns.  The astronomer who guided us was Dylan Storey, an old friend of Seans (his parents Rowena and Terry are neighbours of Grannie and Grandad Gardiner at Whakapara).  What a small world!  We had a look at the exhibits around the Dome.  After a brief lunch back at the house we did Stretch and Grow with Coach Charlie.  This was a range of exercises and fun games.  We then walked to town amongst the showers.  Rory went in the wheel chair for the first time today and held the umbrella.  When we came back we saw Steph and Dr Jason to get some steri-strips put on the healing scar where Rory's shunt was put in to ensure the wound stays secure.  We now have our feet up.  I have been beaten at Ben 10 Trump Cards and have retired, so Rory is watching the Clone Wars on Sky.