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14, May, 2009

14th May 2009


It has been a relatively quiet day.  Radiotherapy session 5 was ticked off.  Rory had electrodes taped to his shut eyelids during todays treatment to check his eyes are not being affected.  This unnerved him a little.  Rory's blood test from Tuesday was fine.  Rory enjoyed having student Matt at the physiotherapy session with Rachel this morning.  There always seems to be greater competitive spirit between blokes, even when one is 7 and the other 25 (check the photos of peanut soccer!).  We spent some time at the RM House school completing a food pyramid.  Rory made an astronaut (of himself) and a rocket for the window of the classroom to end the Space unit.  We had a bit of excitement mid lesson when the fire alarm went off.  Someone burnt their cooking in the kitchen and there was smoke everywhere.  The fire engine arrived promptly while we were all standing outside.  This afternoon we had a leisurely visit to the museum, and checked out the natural history section with the prehistoric creatures and New Zealand's birds.  We have an early radio therapy session tomorrow and are both looking forward to getting on the road home.