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18, May, 2009

18th May 2009 Part II


All the news will be relayed this week courtesy of Sean from Ronald McDonald House.  I will put up all the photos on Friday.  Sean and Rory visited Dargaville Primary School this morning to share the news from the past week with his class, and attend assembly.  Whaea Danielle is spearheading a campaign to support Rory's fight by wearing a green ribbon ($1 each).  Miss Whiting passed on Room 3s spelling and maths work for the term so Rory can keep up via school at Ronald McDonald House.  Katherine (Korie's mum) gave us some of her dads tasty smoked fish.  We have been very fortunate with people donating food.  Trudi gave us some lovely lasagne and home baking on Saturday, Kim from Hunting and Fishing has made some packaged dinners, and Greg and Tracey Neuman dropped off a sheep to Sean last week to help fill our freezer for the winter.  Thank you everyone we really appreciated it.  Cooking meals is often the last thing Sean and I can bring ourselves to do.  Rory enjoyed calling in to see Jason at Hunting and Fishing Dargaville this morning to thank him for the camo cap which is Rory's pride and joy.  The boys managed to get to Auckland and complete radiotherapy session number 7 without any problems.  However when they called in to see Nurse Steph it was different news.  Rory developed a pimple on the scar on the back of his head over the weekend.  We cleaned it and applied savlon.  Dr Jason was quite concerned today and told Sean no more back yard medicine.  Anything like that needs to be seen by a GP right away, and swabbed.  If there is an underlying infection the wound will need to be re-opened, cleaned out and stitched.  Its proximity to the shunt is a threat, and in the worst case scenario the shunt would need to be removed and a new one repositioned after a course of strong antibiotics.  It was shattering news.  Sean is keeping a close eye on Rory this week, and the Doctors will check on him also.  It may have only been a stitch abscess (from the dissolving stitches) but with all the surgery and complications Rory has had anything can have serious implications.  Rory was delighted to receive a card and letters from William Hamlin in Australia today.  William used to attend Dargaville Primary School.  I received a call from the Taranaki Daily News.  They are going to run a follow-up article on Rory in their paper tomorrow.  Sam and I decided it was time to get back on the horse this afternoon.  Prior to Rory's diagnosis Sam and I would ride and run 50+ kms per week, but have done little over the last two months.  Tonight the two of us jumped on our mountain bikes and rode around the block, 13km of unsealed road with plenty of hills.  We got 5 minutes out and it began to rain, and didn't stop.  But we never gave up and 45 minutes later we got back to the door cold, wet and muddy in the dark.  Even though it may sound insane it was a wonderful experience, and brought us both back to the way we have always lived our lives, to make the most of every day.