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19, May, 2009

19th May 2009


Sean and Rory have had some boys time in Auckland today.  Following Rory's 8th radiotherapy treatment they headed into town to cruise the gun stores, then climbed One Tree Hill.  Rory said it was windy and cold and he needed his hoody!  They also explored Cornwall Park.  They met with Dr Lewis from Radiotherapy this afternoon.  Rory's blood test showed a lowered white blood cell count as a result of radiotherapy.  This means his immune system is weakening making him more susceptible to illness and infection.  This will increase as the year progresses. 

We would like to thank the following people for the help and generosity today; Dianne for salvaging the files off the hard drive of our now non-functional home computer, Poppa Morrison for the tasty smoked fish and Katherine for the beautiful fish pie, Brenda for her amazing home baking and frozen dinners, and Mandy for her patient perseverance managing the website and weird and wonderful requests.  Your help is much appreciated.  I wanted to make special mention of my friend Mandy, she is a champion archer and is competing in Turkey in a couple of weeks, and likely at the next Commonwealth Games.  How she manages to fit in time to train around running her own website design company (and running Rory's website) is beyond me.  But we are forever grateful for what she has done for us all.