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20, May, 2009

20th May 2009


I visited Dargaville Medical Centre this afternoon and I was blown away to see the staff wearing green ribbons to support Rory.  The lovely office ladies at Dargaville Primary, Mrs Pocklington and Mrs Sandford, are churning them out in their spare time under the watchful eye of Whaea Danielle.  I spoke to them today about getting a box of ribbons to take to Whangarei District Council and DoC.  It is lovely to see teachers and students at Dargaville Primary wearing them, and would be great if we can get a greater number of people behind us.  Sam and I bought ours this afternoon. 

Rory ticked off radiotherapy session number 9 today.  Dr Simon, famous for his yellow sneekers and vest, and Nurse Steph checked the wound/scars on Rory's head.  The one on the back of his head which we were concerned about looks ok at present.  The one over the shunt still has a small strip which hasn't healed.  They redressed it today and applied antibiotic cream.  It may need a stitch before Rory comes home on Friday.  Rory returned to school at Ronald McDonald House today (it was closed yesterday).  The students started their unit on healthy eating and made fruit kebabs (I think there may have been a marshmallow or two thrown in for good measure).  Two new girls joined Rory, Ryan and Liam.  They all enjoyed a yoga session with Lisa, and Sean fancies himself as a swami.  After lunch Rory had a physio session with Rachel and enjoyed competing against Sean on the peanut.  He again cruised around Starship on the kart.  He is getting faster every week, soon Racheal will be running!.  They bumped into Jo and Mia who had come in for a blood test.  I also spoke to Jo on the phone.  She recommended contacting the Brain Injured Children Trust to find out whether we can enrol Rory in a rehabilitation programme tailored to his needs which is run by a specialist in Australia, Ian Hunter.  I have contacted the Trust and look forward to their reply.  For their adventure today Sean and Rory visited the Sky Tower.  They sipped hot chocolates while enjoying the view!