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21, May, 2009

21st May 2009


It seems like a long week away from home when Rory and I are in Auckland, and it seems like an equally long week at home when Rory is away with Sean.  It has been good to see everyone at work again (particularly the Futures Team) and put things back in order, spend time with Sam, and get grounded at home, but the feeling of anxiety and helplessness never leaves.  Sometimes it is hard to be normal.

Rory completed radiotherapy session number 10 today.  He attended school at RM House focusing on reading and spelling, and even spent time alone in the classroom with the teachers and other students.  He had a clinic visit with Mr Law the Neurosurgeon who wanted to check on his wounds/scars.  Mr Law is very impressed with his progress, and is amazed at the way his eyes have recovered.  The wound at the back of Rory's neck appears stable, but the wound around the shunt is still healing.  It will need antibiotic cream, and to be covered with a dressing.  The doctors wish to keep a close eye on it.  Some of the ends of the disposable stitches (wicks) have popped out and have been trimmed to reduce the risk of infection.  Apparently they take 3 months to dissolve!  Rory also caught up with Steph for the weeks haul of beads.  The radiotherapy ones glow in the dark so they are going to make the 3rd string particularly interesting.

Rory and Sean's adventure of the day was to Kelly Tarltons.  Rory liked all the animals, and Sean particularly loved the large tuna (eels) in the freshwater tank.  They are likely to be grand old ladies (50+ years) who have never migrated out to sea to breed.  The highlight of Rory's day was a visit from Miss Barr his old teacher from Dargaville Primary School.  She brought some magic tricks and the two spent time playing together.  Rory can't wait to try out his new tricks on Dr Jason tomorrow. 

I wanted to thank Svet from the Graphics and Publishing team at Whangarei District Council today.  He is a fantastic artist and has been drawing for Rory and loading the pictures onto a blog only the two of them can share.  I was blown away by what he has done and am looking forward to showing Rory the latest drawings this weekend.