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25, May, 2009

25th May 2009


So many people say to me it must be the most awful thing to have to go through and I never know how to respond.  Hearing Rory's diagnosis, and the first meeting with the Neurosurgeon where he laid it all on the line, were the most traumatic moments of my life.  I can't even begin to describe the totality of their impact.  There have also been moments on the journey I would rather have not lived through, but there is also much joy.  Rory is still here, vibrant, cheeky, determined, and full of life, as he always has been.  We refuse to give in to the dark side and live life to its maximum, as we always have done, only now we appreciate what a precious gift it is with Rory.  We make sure we show and tell the boys every day just how proud we are of them, and how much we love them.  The situation has also opened our eyes to the human spirit.  So many people have shown us love, compassion, generosity and kindness.  We are overwhelmed, humbled, and touched deeply by this on a daily basis.   Today Rory's hair started to fall out.  The radiotherapists warned us it would.  Rory seems fairly accepting although there was a lump in my throat.  Today Rory completed radiotherapy session number 12.  Each session has treated his spine and his head.  He had his weekly blood test, and then we visited Nurse Steph to get his shunt wound checked, cleaned and dressed.  Returning to Ward 26a is almost like coming home, 7.5 weeks was a long stay.  Rory is always pleased to see the nurses and Dr Jason.  We had a whirlwind trip down to Newmarket and Carlton Barbers gave Rory a number 4 clipper cut to make him into a new man.  The highlight of the day for both of us was visiting Dargaville Primary this morning before we drove down.  Rory attended assembly and earned 200 house points for Kakariki (but they still only came third), and received a round of applause for completing the Waipoua Fun Run/Walk.  The school has sold over 300 green ribbons to supporters of Rory's fight (a big thank you to the lovely production team).  Zac chased us after assembly and gave us a bunch of special letters from Room 18 (thank you everyone).  I particularly enjoyed hearing the children singing, I always enjoy the waiata but my favourite was a song about Ripiro beach where the Toheroas grow (I'm going to ask Whaea Danielle for the words so I can post them on the website).  Rory would like to say thank-you to Mrs Wily for the lovely parcel which was waiting for him at the House when we arrive today.