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26, May, 2009

26th May 2009


Nana and Poppa Honnor arrived from New Plymouth today for a visit.  It was lovely to see them and Rory enjoyed sharing some of what he has been through and learnt with them.  There are many perks to having a foot in both camps, in the north and in the Naki; you get to call both home, have a loving family keeping a warm spot in two locations, and you have the time and inclination to explore every nook and cranny and don't take it for granted because you aren't there all the time (at Christmas the boys tramped to the Maketawa Hut on Mt Taranaki for the first time).  But it is hard at times like these when family isn't a short drive in the car.  So we are spoilt they are here with us this week. 

Rory had a restless night and started the day at 5.30am!  I'm an early bird but this is a little too early even for me.  We headed up the hill to radiotherapy session number 13 and then completed a physio session with Racheal.  Today Rory played basketball on the matt, handball on the trampoline, and rode 'his' kart around level 2 (the atrium).  He is getting quite fast!  He spent two hours at Ronald McDonald House school this morning and I was amazed at how much he and Jocelyn (one of the teachers) fitted in; spelling, a journal story and question sheet, his 2x tables which he informed us was "too easy", and maths questions on direction (even I was confused).  I spent the time sitting in the corner of the class (not for bad behaviour) catching up on the paper work which goes with being in hospital.  I also managed to make 100 green ribbons for Dargaville Primary School. 

Rory attended clinic with Dr Lewis this afternoon.  All is going ok but they are watching his neutrophil (white blood cell) count closely.  A low count means Rory is neutropenic and highly susceptible to bacterial infections.  Nana and Poppa arrived early this afternoon, Nana was armed with her usual bag of goodies.  We showed them around Ronald McDonald house then headed into the Domain to feed the pigeons.  We went onto the Museum where Rory enjoyed acting as tour guide in the Weird and Wonderful area.  Nana and Poppa stayed on for dinner at Ronald McDonald House which was put on by high school students from Mt Roskill.  Rory had his face painted like Spiderman.