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27, May, 2009

27th May 2009


Rory has almost completely lost his hair.  The pieces of hair have been driving him nuts, itching his neck and back as they get caught in his clothes.  He steadfastly refuses to wear a hat.  It has been a struggle for me to see.  Within the space of two days he looks very different, battle scarred and like he is facing a life threatening illness.  Which he is.  I think this is what I have found hard.  I never think about him this way.  To me he is Rory, my baby, and we are merely following a different path for a while.  He is taking it remarkably well and hopefully the itching will cease soon when the hair is gone.  I found myself thinking 'I wish I had taken more photos of him with his hair' but this journey has reinforced my belief you can't live life saying 'I wish I had done that'.  There is only one chance and you have to grab it with both hands.  If you miss it, try again, or look for an alternative.  Don't live and regret.  I see Rory living this philosophy every day, and I am so proud of him. 

Rory had a real entourage today, me, Nana and Poppa Honnor, and Grannie Gardiner who had come to Auckland for the day.  It was a great opportunity for ¾ grandparents to live a day in the life of Rory, and we loved having them around.  We attended radiotherapy session number 14, then headed up to see Dr Jason and Nurse Steph on Ward 26A.  Dr Jason checked Rory's shunt wound, trimmed a couple of disposable stitches on his neck which had popped up, plus one on Rory's tummy which appeared during the night.  Dr Jason is happy with the way everything looked.  Racheal and student Matt gave Rory a gruelling physio session this morning.  Rory tried the grip machine to measure the strength in his hands (see the photo).  We spent the remainder of the morning at Motat (yes we wagged school).  We rode the tram out to see the aviation (plane) display, looked at some old fashioned cars, motorbikes, fire engines, and buildings, and tried the gadgets in the science and technology areas.  Rory was particularly fond of the flight simulator although us ladies agreed we would never travel as passengers if Rory was the pilot!  We had a quiet couple of hours building puzzles and playing monopoly this afternoon at the House, and we checked out Daffodill House where Nana and Poppa are staying.  After Grannie was collected by cousin Jodi, we walked into Newmarket for tea.  Poppa took us to the Cock and Bull pub.  Rory, Nana and I enjoyed Shirley Temples with our tea.  Rory was quite chuffed he was the only child in the pub on a school night!