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28, May, 2009

28th May 2009


It has been a bit of a whirl wind week, Rory and I can't believe we are heading home tomorrow.  This weekend is a bit of a treat.  Because it's a long weekend Rory doesn't have to return to Auckland until Tuesday.  Nana and Poppa Honnor were with us until 11am today and we were both sad to see them go.  I miss my family and my maunga (Mt Taranaki) living in the north.  Rory completed radiotherapy session number 15.  His Ben 10 chart is starting to look quite an achievement.  He had a physio session with Racheal playing handball on the tramp and skittles.  We ducked down into Newmarket and picked up some large spiky balls for Rory and Sam to do exercises with on the tramp at home, and a new hat (caterpillar beanie made largely of silk) to keep his head warm with minimal itch factor.  A wonderful parcel from Katherine and Korie was waiting for us when we returned to the House.  Korie had sent/donated $2 of his pocket money to Rory so Rory put it in the donation box at Ronald McDonald House.  I was proud of them both.  Rory spent a little time at school this morning completing a maths sheet and writing a short story about our trip to Motat.  After lunch we headed to Auckland Zoo with some other families from the House.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon and Rory and I both enjoyed ourselves.  Big hits were; the safari train ride, the otters, the tigers, and following the elephants as they walked around the Park.  One of the elephants was banging off as it walked and the keepers stopped to let it go to the loo.  It was the male keepers job to catch the giant poos in a black rubbish bag.  He can't have been very good at sports because he caught the first two and missed the next five!!  Rory was equal mix amused and disgusted!!  When we returned from the trip a professional photographer was at the House shooting and we were able to get some individual shots of Rory, and some of the two of us together (and I wasn't even having a glamorous hair day!).  I am really glad we did.