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30, May, 2009

30th May 2009


    People do generous and caring things, which create a lump in my throat, for Rory and our family every day.  I often don't know what to say, and thank-you never seems enough.  Today I want to tell you about some of these wonderful people;

    Dianne Zuchetto - my good friend from Whangarei District Council txts me every day to see how Rory and I are, and she has solved technical problems for me on many occasions!

    Trudi Johnston - Kody's mum.  She is a mover of heaven and earth, and is currently organising a head shaving event for Rory at Dargaville Hunting and Fishing on the 13th of June at 1.30pm.  She is even going to shave her own hair off!  Rory and I asked Mr Russek the Principal of Dargaville Primary if he would be willing to do the same.

    Nikau Neuman - Nikau is 11 years old and catches the Waihue bus with Rory to school.  Rory has always been a big fan of Nikau, and Sam is good friends with his brother Matai.  Today at soccer Tracey (Nikau and Matai's mum) gave Rory a brown paper bag containing something special Nikau had made for him.  When we got to the car Rory opened the bag to reveal a pirate Nikau had sewed at Intermediate sewing class Nikau.  It was accompanied by a hand drawn card.  What an amazing gift.  The pirate is on Rory's bed.

    Our neighbours Clive and Iris Fremlin - they keep an eye on our house while we are away, manage our paddocks, and today left a generous gift at our front door. 

    Carol from the Child Cancer Foundation - even though Carol has been sick with the cold this week she has rung to see how Rory and I are, and arranged for some petrol vouchers to be delivered to the house to help with our travel.

    Nana Honnor - who never fails to slip me a little something to help out, who always brings lollies, who I can never win an argument with, and who has always provided unconditional love.  And of course Poppa Honnor who puts up with us Honnor women!  Not an easy job!

    Rory completed radiotherapy session number 16 on Friday, he is almost half way there.  The majority of his hair is now gone, and he is still refusing to wear a hat most of the time.  The radiotherapy session took a bit longer as Rory has lost some weight, and without his hair the mask is a lot looser.  So the technicians needed to take an xray and make some adjustments to the machine and his treatment.  We finished the latest Geronimo Stilton (thanks Miss Phillips for the books they work a treat) and started on Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.  At 9.30am we saw Steph for the weeks beads.  Rory hit 300, and there were two special beads, one for losing his hair (little face) and one for getting his stitches trimmed (turtle).  Dr Jason inspected the shunt wound.  He wants it to dry out more so we now leave it uncovered during the day, and cover it as a precaution at night.  He has put Rory on a course of antibiotics as a precaution and I'm glad he did as today Rory got another little pimple on one of the disposable stitches which is only just sticking out of the wound on the back of his head.  We cleaned it and put antibiotic cream on it and are hoping for the best.  Rory is still getting some pain on his right side which is likely to be cause by the coiled tubing of the shunt which moves around in his abdominal cavity.  The Doctors are going to give him an ultrasound on Wednesday to check everything is in order.  A lovely parcel arrived from Denise and the Miller boys (Andrew, Brad, Cole and Lewis) before we got on the road - thank you all very much it was greatly appreciated.  We arrived back in Dargaville a little later than usual so decided to break Sam out of school.  Sam is a little worse for wear this weekend with a cold/virus.  However, this didn't stop him from playing soccer this morning and his team won 2-1.  Since I began with some thank yous I will finish with them too; thanks to Chris Robertson who made a donation to Rory's fight, and thanks to all the wonderful people who continue to leave messages on the website.  We read them every day and although we don't reply to you directly we are thinking about you, and are glad you are with us.