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02, Jun, 2009

2nd June 2009


Sean and Rory are on their way to Auckland as I write this, Sean is taking care of Rory this week while I try and get some work done and look after Sam.  They were lucky enough to cross paths with Nana Morrison before they left as she provided them with some beautiful home baking (thank you).  There was a surprise waiting for us at school this morning.  Whaea Danielle had organised for all the children to sign a giant green ribbon, and it was tied to the trunk of the large pine just inside the front gate.  Wow!  Whaea comes up with some fantastic hard-case ideas - thank you so much Whaea and to all those who signed the ribbon.  Rose from the Dargaville and Districts News arrived, courtesy of Trudi, and took a photo of the starters for the head shaving on the 13th.  The ribbon made a wonderful back drop for the photo. 

Over the weekend we caught up with some friends and family.  The boys are always glad to head over to Grannie and Grandad Gardiners and we had lunch with them on Sunday at Whakapara.  The boys all enjoyed playing Grandads playstation.  We caught up with our friends Denise, Andrew, Brad, Lewis and Cole Miller.  The last time we saw them was the weekend before Rory's diagnosis when Brad, Sam and Lewis competed in the Allens Kids Triathlon.  We were lucky enough to see them on a special day - Cole's 6th birthday!  It was great to be in their warm, positive, energetic midst.  We called in to see Great Uncle Hami and Auntie Hillary just as it was getting dark.  The fire was on and the boys enjoyed Auntie Hillary's homemade biscuits.  Sam informed me old people do a lot of home baking because you couldn't buy biscuits in a shop when they were younger!  Rory was very interested in Uncle Hami's medicinal pyramid water which he brews in a pyramid filled with crystals in the back yard.  On Monday we caught up with our neighbours Clive and Iris and and swapped some muffins Rory had made with Iris's fresh Waihue apples straight off the tree.  We headed up to Omamari for a walk on the beach but it was very windy and cold (southerly) so we made it a short one.  The funny thing was we weren't the only mad Northlanders rugged up on the beach that morning! 

Dargaville Primary song: 

Ripiro Beach is the place to go, to find a spot where the toheroa grow

Tama Wally, Waka Jim, and Fred and Joe, went down to the spot where the toheroa grow

Mrs Waratapu said don't you go, do down to the spot where the toheroa grow

Heaps of people disappeared years ago, down at the place where the toheroa grow

Oma up the sandhills oma for ya life, wa gotta oma fast enough from the toheroas bite

Tama Wally, Waka Jim, and Joe and Fred, should have listened to the words Mrs Waratapu said

Up from the deep came a rumbling cry, you should have seen the looks on the faces of the boys

A toheroa jumped up snapping at their heads, they should have listened to the words Mrs Waratapu said

We're sick of being picked on, barbecued and boiled, we're gonna make a stand in this underwater world.,

Tama Wally, Waka Jim, and Joe and Fred should have listened to the words Mrs Waratapu said.

* Original version is "Ninety Mile Beach"