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03, Jun, 2009

3 June 2009


I woke up this morning and thought Rory and Sean were still at home.  Living in two places and managing two realities is often quite disorienting, and it's hard to remember who is where and what has been done.  I am definitely a bit more forgetful - three times I have left my cellphone behind in a shop over the past three months, only to discover later on I didn't have it. 

Rory has completed radiotherapy sessions 17 and 18.  He had an appointment with the Oncologist at the clinic yesterday and they have given him some steroid cream for his itchy head.  They said his neutrophil (white blood cell) count was up a bit which is good news.  It was a bit of a bummer for Rory that the first thing he had to do yesterday when he got to Auckland was have a blood test. 

Sean and Rory bumped into Nicola who organised Rory's stem cell harvest and she gave them a tour of the newly refurbished oncology ward on the 7th floor of Starship where Rory will be completing chemotherapy.  He and Sean admired the signed soccer shirt from Manchester United which was hanging on the wall.  They met a little girl who was having the same chemo treatment as Rory and she was completing her fourth and final cycle. 

The boys also met with Nurse Steph to check the healing wounds.  Rory has had a reaction to the sticky stuff on the patches which cover the shunt wound at night.  Steph said this should go away on its own and to utilise gauze and the cloth tape instead. 

I went out for my first run for three months last night.  I only covered 5kms but it was a hard 5kms.  It was a shock to the system.  Prior to Rory's diagnosis I was covering up to 19kms.  But I was glad to get back on the road, and Sam was pretty amused at my condition as he cycled beside me!