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03, Apr, 2009

3rd April 2009

Uncle Guy's birthday! 

Rory had his stitches out today.  There were 9 and two knots.  The main wound hasd dissolving stitches.  Steph, the Neurosurgeons Nurse removed them and Rory didn't blink! 

We said goodbye to Jo and Mia, friends we have made on Ward 26a.  Mia is 1 (her birthday is two days after Rory's) and she also has a brain tumour.  Her mum Jo is a fiesty woman, energetic, positive, strong and devoted.  She has been an inspiration to us, and offered us much valuable support.  (Dad Matt is pretty cool too). 

Rory had a physio session with Rachel and Rebecca.  He rode the buggy (which you operate by pulling and pushing handles with your hands and feet), work on the mat playing skittles and superman with the big balls. 

We called in to the Child Cancer Foundation.  What an amazing place.  It was bright and colourful and full of kids stuff (toys, books, videos etc).  Carol spent time with us explaining the Foundations services which include everything from emotional support, information, and financial assistance.  I was very impressed, and more than a little stunned.  Now that everything is starting to sink in and we have a breather we want to learn more about Rory's cancer and the treatments he is going to receive, so we can do everything we can to smooth the way and maximise his chances.  

Our treat for the day was going for a walk in the Domain where Rory fed the rock pigeons with bread and crusty old Hospital marmite sandwiches.  The pigeons landed on Rory's head, his arms and his knees.  They spoke to him as they ate ... coo cooo.  He was all smiles. 

I have been taking heaps of photos of everything we are doing I just have to find a way to download them regularly for the website.  The Dargaville and Districts News phoned us tonight.  They wish to do a story on Rory, and the locals Lions Club has already raised some money for him.  Staff at Whangarei District Council (you are wonderful Dianne and Leeanne) are having a 'wear green' day next week to fundraise also.  

Rory has a messge for Kody - I got a new camera.  I took a photo of Korie's stone. 

Korie - Thanks for the green stone.  I like it a lot.