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05, Jun, 2009

5th June 2009


Rory has completed radiotherapy sessions 19 and 20.  Yesterdays session nearly didn't happen due to the sharp pains Rory continues to get on and off in his sides.  Yesterday morning he couldn't stay still on the radiotherapy table.  The cause of the pain is the bottom end of the shunt which is located in his abdominal cavity where it is free to move around.  The doctors suspect it is being squeezed to one side when Rory has a full stomach and bowel but they are going to do an x-ray and ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure.  We were lucky the radiotherapists were able to squeeze Rory in later in the day.  He is still suffering from red dry itchy skin on his scalp (dry desquamation) and this is making him uncomfortable and sore, and waking him at night. 

Rory only attended school on Wednesday morning this week, where he learnt about kiwi.  He also enjoyed a yoga session with Tait (who is 8 and has joined the class).  He attended one physiotherapy session with Racheal, and caught up with Nurse Steph for the weeks bead collection.  He and Sean managed to zip off one afternoon for a couple of hours to Butterfly Creek and they both enjoyed seeing the new massive crocodiles.  Sean and Rory also enjoyed seeing John and Cathy Hawley on their way home this morning.  John and Cathy are part of a private conservation scheme 'Marunui' west of Mangawhai where they are helping restore a beautiful block (400h+) of native bush.  Sean has undertaken their animal pest control for a number of years.  He has taken the boys and I down there for company on numerous occasions, and we love being there. 

Much is going on behind the scenes.  Dargaville Primary are still making and selling green ribbons for $1  I dropped some in at Whangarei District Council this week when I went to work.  Tonight there is a Bake off at a Cafe in Orewa, and Katherine and Trudi are attending on behalf of our community as celebrity judges!  The line up for the Head Shaving event on the 13th of June (1.30pm at Dargaville Hunting and Fishing) is now quite impressive; Kaipara Mayor Neil Tiller, Dargaville Primary School Principal Alan Russek, Dargaville Hunting and Fishing Manager Jason Campbell, the unstoppable Trudi, Sean, and rumour has it 1 or 2 children have all volunteered to get their heads shaved.  There will be a cake stall and green ribbons for sale.  A big thanks to Ad Focus for donating the photos and Trudi and Katherine for putting up the flyers (and organising).  I received a call today from Abby who is the Child Cancer Foundation rep for Northland and we hope to touch base in July when Rory and I are in the north.  I have also received an email from Dr Ian Hunter in Australia regarding his rehabilitation/therapy programme for brain injured children.  Sean and I will likely book Rory in to see Ian when he visits New Zealand at the start of August.  We have also applied to Make a Wish New Zealand for a wish for Rory at the end of his treatment.  We shall divulge his wish if it comes true!