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08, Jun, 2009

8th June 2009


I'll never forget seeing the boys tear along Waiotemarama beach yesterday afternoon.  They were both happy and excited.  Sam took off to explore the rock pools and Rory was equally determined.  I watched him go, bald headed and uncoordinated, his left leg not holding its own under pressure which exacerbated the limp and wobbly gait.  It was equal parts heart wrenching and heart warming.  To see him so effected by the treatment of the past 3 months is hard to take, yet he is strong enough, positive enough, physically, mentally and emotionally to find joy at the beach and break into a run.  We spent two hours out there.  The boys explored the rock pools, Sean collected a feed of mussels, and I wandered along.  Sam was lucky enough to find a nautilus shell (casing of a female squid which she holds her eggs in).  It was getting late so we decided to have fish and chips at Opononi overlooking the Hokianga Harbour for tea  We saw the statue of Opo the dolphin and someone (who shall go unnamed) put a beanie on the little boys head because it was cold.

We had some exciting news.  Mandy, who set up and manages Rory's website, won gold in Turkey.  She was competing in the Archery World Cup (stage 3) as part of the NZ Womens Compound team and they won gold for the first time.  Yeah Mands!! 

We were late calling to Dargaville Primary this morning and only just caught the tail end of.  We met Mrs Bennets new entrant class, and Mrs Bennet had knitted us some beautiful warm woollen hats for winter in the bright green colour Rory loves - thank you so much we will be using them, it's a bit chilly in Auckland today.  The ladies in the office gave us $440 the school had raised making and selling green Rory ribbons.  Thank you ladies, and thank you Whaea Danielle for your wonderful idea.  The money everyone has been raising is being used for things Rory needs i.e. medicine, a special buggy for long distance trips (the wheel chair is not cutting it in the wilds of the Kaipara), warm low itch clothing, a rehabilitation programme with the Brain therapist from Australia to maximise his recovery, and to keep our family afloat as neither Sean or I have worked much over the past three months.  We appreciate it is a tough time economically for everyone, and people have been so generous.  We are so appreciate, and Rory wouldn't be doing as well as he is without you. 

Just as we were leaving Dargaville this morning we bumped into Dianne's mum and dad.  It was lovely to meet them.  We would have liked to stop and chat to learn about Dianne's embarrassing moments - definitely next time!  We called in at the Pioneer Cafe/Bar in Orewa on our way south in the hope we would be able to meet Dot and thank her for the Bake Off last Friday night but she wasn't in.  We hope to have better luck on the return trip home.    When we got to Auckland Rory had his weekly blood test, and completed radiotherapy session number 21.  The treatments have ceased on his spine, and will now focus only on this brain.  We were lucky enough to be treated to a wonderful dinner at Ronald McDonald House tonight by one of the local schools.  Sam even tried to con me into a second big bowl of pudding!