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09, Jun, 2009

9th June 2009


I am glad I brought Sam with Rory and I to Auckland this week.  It has given him an insight into what Rory is going through, and it has given Rory a boost to be able to show Sam around and teach him what he knows.  Plus he enjoys his company, Sam can relate as only another boys can.  I have Katherine the Psychologist coming to talk to us tomorrow to make sure we are all ok.  It's important the boys get an opportunity to air everything they need to, and Kath provides a neutral avenue.

The boys attended school at Ronald McDonald House this morning.  They are studying our native bush, so both boys were well placed to answer what we want to see in our native bush, and what we don't.  I was proud of them both, seems they have been listening to Sean and I at least a little over the years!

Rory had an ultrasound of his abdomen this morning to check for the cause of his intermittent pain.  It was a little strange watching him get the same treatement as I got when pregnant.  I told them all about having it done when I was pregnant with them both.  I am going to dig up the photos when I get home.  I saw the shunt on the screen although it's very hard to see.  Rory attended a physiotherpy session with Racheal and Matt.  They played sit down stand up guess what, and he and Sam road the karts around the Atrium.  I saw many passersby looking fearful at the noisy uncontrolled karts coming toward them.  Rory attended a clinic appointment for radiotherapy.  Rory's white blood cell count has increased over the last couple of weeks which is good news.  The Doctor said sometimes people's immune systems rally round, and it is pleasing to see this is the case with Rory.  Rory completed radiotherapy session 22.  The sessions are a lot shorter now they are only treating his brain.  He is still suffering with a burning itching head.  We called in to see Nurse Steph and the House Surgeon as I am concerned some of the blisters on Rory's head are not healing properly.  We think they were caused by a reaction to the patches used to cover the shunt, but I think they have turned into an acute skin reaction due to radiotherapy.  Three are quite deep.  The House Surgeon prescribed more antibiotics and we are seeing Dr Simon from Neurosurgery tomorrow.  Dr Jason has moved sideways to work a stint with adult patients in Auckland Hopital.  I hope one day he decides to specialise in Paediatrics as he has a wonderful bedside manner (even if he wasn't the coolest because he hadn't heard of Star Wars).  The children at Starship really need his type of care. 

Finally, to clear out the cobwebs on a wet Auckland day the boys and I headed into the Domain and up to the Museum for a walk and quick look around.  When the Museum is closing they play The Last Post bugle call through the loud speakers and it always causes a lump in my throat.