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10, Jun, 2009

10th June 2009


All of Rory's results are ok which is good news.  We saw Dr Simon (see the photo, plus the one of his fab yellow shoes which inspired Rory) this morning and he said the ultrasound was normal.  The surgical scars on Rory's head are largely healed.  The blistering reaction to the bandage adhesive is being aggravated by the radiotherapy which inhibits the healing process, and also causes skin side effects of its own.  Rory is starting to look burnt, he has a strip down the back of his neck, beside both eyes, and across his forehead.  There is little they can do about it, and I have tried various creams and gels for relief.  I am glad he only has 10 treatments left.  He completed radiotherapy treatment number 23 today.  His Ben 10 chart has a lot of stickers on it now. 

Both boys went to school at Ronald McDonald House this morning.  Today they focused on native birds.  Rory chose the tui to study, and Sam chose Haast's eagle.  They both had some time on the computer, and Rory worked on his spelling list, and his 2x and 5x tables.  He also played a number game with Tait while Sam played The Great NZ Moa Hunt. 

After lunch we met with Kathryn the Psychologist to have a chat.  She always leaves me with something to think about, which is a good thing.  Sometimes it is hard to recognise what is right under our noses.  Rory had a physiotherapy session with Racheal and did some stretches with the elastic band.  We also played sit down stand up guess what, and Sam had a go at peanut handball but couldn't seem to stay in the superman position on the ball and repeatedly ended up on the floor!  The boys finished with a go kart ride.  We called in to see Carol at the Child Cancer Foundation.  Sam chose two more sibling beads of courage, a bear and a rabbit.  Carol had a couple of treats for the boys and we organised our trip to Rainbows End tomorrow - thanks heaps Carol.  We finished the day with a quick walk into Newmarket to do a few jobs.  As we walked back in the dark we passed Lion Brewery (you can often smell the hops at the Hospital).  Did you know Captain Cook was the first man to brew a beer in NZ in 1773!  His statue is outside the brewery.