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11, Jun, 2009

11th June 2009


The boys loved Rainbows End this morning.  As soon as radiotherapy session number 24 had finished they were itching to be away.  We were at the park gates before it opened.  The boys started with the bumper boats and my stomach was in my mouth as I watched Rory hoon away.  There is only one person per bumper boat, and he was on full throttle racing around the circuit, and crashing into Sam.  We watched a 3D Dinosaur movie and the seats actually move.  I watched the boys trying to catch the creatures as they came out of the screen, and leaning back, left and right as our helicopter was crash landing into the sea.  The boys enjoyed the Gold Rush roller coaster through the old western mine, and the log flume ride through the Enchanted Mountain.  We also ride the Pirate ship, and the boys had two turns on the Dodgem Cars.  Of course I wasn't allowed to drive.  Sam had his own car, and I was allowed to use the accelerator in Rory's car while he drove!  Sam was also braver than I expected him to be and rode the roller coaster and the power surge on his own! 

After lunch the boys went to school at Ronald McDonald House.  They typed up their native bird fact files on the computer, and started making paper bag birds.  Rory had a physiotherapy session with Racheal.  She, and student Mat, gave Rory a distance walking test for 6 minutes and monitored his heart rate and blood oxygen level, plus how far he walked.  He managed to complete it without stopping.  They also measured how far he could step and jump.  It has been a while since I have seen him jump, and he was reluctant to try.  But he did accomplish it, although his left foot/leg lags behind the right.  They are impressed by what he can achieve, and I am also proud of his courage.  He played balloon volleyball with Sam, and they rode their usual circuit on the karts.  It was a big day in all and Rory is worn out tonight.  I am looking forward to taking him home tomorrow.