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15, Jun, 2009

15th June 2009


Rory and I are back in Auckland for his second to last week of radiotherapy.  After completing his treatment today he has only seven remaining!  We were pleased to hear, when we arrived back today, Taylor had made a full recovery.  Taylor is a young girl who is having radiotherapy on the same machine as Rory and their posters sit side by side on the wall.  On Friday Taylor had a session before Rory and when the Technicians went to help her up off the table she was unresponsive.  The alarm sounded and medical staff ran from all directions.  It was a little frightening for all of us.  In all of the times Rory has received treatment not once did I think he might be unconscious or not breathing.  He is in the room by himself and although we watch him on the monitor we wouldn't have known he was in trouble until the session had finished. 

This morning Rory and I attended assembly at Dargaville Primary.  It was great to be able to give a big round of applause to those children and staff who had supported Rory and our family on Saturday.  Before we left the lovely office ladies handed me some more money raised from the sale of Rory ribbons.