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16, Jun, 2009

16th June 2009


I got a bit of a shock at radiotherapy this morning.  Anne, one of the Technicians, said Rory would finish his radiotherapy on Monday.  I had calculated he would finish his 33 treatments on Wednesday but apparently at some stage during the course of his treatment they adjusted the dosage and focus to minimise the damage to one of ' essential organs.  This reduced the number of treatments needed to 31.  Rory was overjoyed.  Only four treatments to go now!.  Rory will still need to spend Monday night in Auckland as he has a raft of specialists to see on Tuesday, including Dr Stephen Laughton the Paediatric Oncologist who will see Rory through his chemotherapy.  We met with Dr Sarah after treatment this morning and she said Rory's white blood cell count was down a little but still above the level at which they would be concerned. 

It was a busy morning at Ronald McDonald House school as there were a number of new children.  The children made thank you cards for some of the companies who had donated supplies to the school.  Rory also did his spelling, five times tables, and spent some time on the computer.  We had a whirl wind trip to the Child Cancer Foundation after lunch.  The ladies there are lovely and always spoil Rory.  It is such a friendly peaceful space.  He completed a physiotherapy session with Racheal and Matt.  There was a lot of emphasis on balance and co-ordination, as they try and strengthen his muscles.  We went for a walk in the Domain (it was a little chilly) with a bag of crusts from the House to feed the rock pigeons.  As expected they were very hungry and thrilled to see us.