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17, Jun, 2009

Wednesday 17th June 2009


It will be nice to have a little normality in our lives for the three weeks Rory has off between radiotherapy and his operation/the start of chemotherapy.  I think we are both a little tired of packing and unpacking, driving back and forth every week, and filling in long days away from home.  This week seems to be particularly slow and we both are a little bored, scratchy and homesick.

Rory completed radiotherapy session number 28 this morning, and followed it with a physiotherapy session with Racheal and Matt.  There was a lot of kicking, throwing and puzzle activity.  He finished the session with a ride on the bike.  Racheal is going to remove the trainer wheels and we are going to give him a ride in the morning without them. 

Rory enjoyed school this morning.  Chef Chris came and the children made cheese scones.  They were lovely for lunch.  He also read with Teacher Jocelyn, completed a maths sheet, and played some maths games on the computer.  A funny parcel was waiting for us when we returned from class from Miss Bar in Australia - a whoopy cushion! 

This afternoon we headed out to Bucklands beach to visit the Born to Bead studio  Artist Lisa-Jane, assisted by other artists, makes the Beads of Courage for New Zealand child cancer sufferers.  There was a bit of hiccup with our visit - she didn't arrive.  It turned out she had been mugged/robbed at the shops and had her purse stolen!  Not good news.  So Rory and I checked out Westfield shopping centre at Pakuranga and had a Mr Whippy icecream for afternoon tea.  Yum!