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04, Apr, 2009

4th April 2009

We forgot to mention yesterday that brother Sam did well at the Northern Wairoa primary schools swimming competition.  1st in back stroke and 2nd in freestyle.  Good to know he is battling on too.

Today Ronald McDonald House organised for us to have a visit to Kelly Tarltons.  We spent two hours there and Rory took lots of photos.  We saw the stingrays being fed.  Mum's favourite was the turtle.  We went in the underwater tunnel and saw sharks, snapper, and a moray eel.  When we went on the snowcat we saw a killer whale, and some Emperor penguins.  One was floating in the water, and lots were swimming.  Several were squarking.  We had fish and chips for lunch on the foreshore at Mission Bay and then had a walk along the beach.  I managed to survive the drive in Auckland traffic!

This afternoon we were lucky to have a visit from Rory's friend Hugo, his little sister Ana, mum Frances and dad Thomas.  It was lovely to catch up with friends from home.  Hugo filled Rory in on what was happening at school.  One of the special things about Hugo's family is that they are all in the circus - Circus Kumarani based in Dargaville.  They had been performing at the Aotea Centre. 

There is no word on the date and time of Rory's surgery.  They were supposed to let us know last night but no one did.  I went up to Starship this afternoon but no one up there could tell me anything.  It is the weekend so all our regular Doctors and Nurses aren't available.  The Doctors and Nurses work very hard at Starship, sometimes I think too hard, as organisation is often sadly lacking.  Being a number in the system can make you feel, helpless, frustrated, and angry.