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22, Jun, 2009

Sunday 21st June 2009

Sean is going to complete the final run for radiotherapy and take Rory to Auckland for the next two days. Tomorrow Rory has his final radiotherapy treatment - number 31. Yay!!!. The effects of radiotherapy last for weeks after treatment has finished which is why the doctors give him a break before chemo. It gives Rory a chance to recover and for the effects to decline.

We have had a relatively quiet weekend. Sam drew his soccer game on Saturday morning, 4-4. Rory and I called in to see Trudi who gave us another $822.90 which had been raised via sponsorship for the kina cuts. Wow! Two lovely articles appeared in the Dargaville and Districts News (Wed) and Northern Advocate (Fri) this week. Trudi also gave us a parcel from Graeme Powdrell who recently raised funds for Starship by driving a mini the length of NZ. The boys liked the stuffed cattle dogs.

This afternoon we completed a circuit of Lake Taharoa at Kai Iwi lakes and tried out the new buggy. Sean and I walked and Sam rode his bike. We all enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. We have had to make some adjustments in our lives and I think we all reflected on that this afternoon. Four months ago Sam and Rory would both have ridden, and Sean and I would have run. The arrival of the buggy has given us some freedom and allowed us to ‘make it' with Rory intermittently walking and riding as he needed to. For this we all had a smile on our faces.