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24, Jun, 2009

Wednesday 24th June 2009


I am sitting at Korie's desk, next to Rory and Kody, in Room 3 at Dargaville Primary.  Rory was eager to get back to school this morning, he even wanted to catch the bus, but I had an anxiety attack and decided it wasn't a good idea.  As with everything he wants to run, but he needs to take small steps until he is confident and capable enough to succeed.  He settled in to class well, and got up at news to tell the children about his radiotherapy treatment.  He showed them his mask, the cast of his face, and his radiotherapy chart.  When he started work I went off to the office to find a quiet space to work on my laptop.  Rory arrived crying in reception only minutes later.  He said he didn't want to go to school, he couldn't do it, and was adamant about going home.  He said he was afraid.  I managed to coax and con him back to the classroom and after a few tears and a fair bit of reluctance he is now working happily beside Kody (and me).  I've told him I won't go off to work elsewhere until he says it's ok.  Surprisingly his classroom is a lot quieter than it is some days in our office (hint hint David!). 

Rory and Sean had a full on couple of days.  They attended assembly at Dargaville Primary on Monday morning and Sam received a certificate for good work.  They drove down to Auckland, and at Starship Rory had his usual weekly blood test, followed by a heart echo which Sean said was amazing.  The echo will form a base line to assess the impacts of chemo.  Rory completed his final radiotherapy session, number 31.  He put the final sticker on his chart and gave Technician Niketa a card, some ribbons and the cupcakes he had baked.  She gave him an arm load of gear to take away, a card and Star Wars DVD, his mask, and the mould of his face.  Sean and Rory caught up with Carol from the Child Cancer Foundation when they returned to RM House.  RM House came alive on Monday night with a midwinter Christmas party.  Both Rory and Sean were blown away by the experience.  The kitchen, dining area and lounge were decorated, and there was a Christmas tree, presents, crackers and candy canes.  Santa even made an appearance.  Both boys indulged in some karaoke and were late getting to bed.

On Tuesday Rory had his final physiotherapy session which Racheal.  She gave him another assessment, and will measure him again when he returns in five weeks.  He rode the bike around Starship, and did some balancing with his feet - with the rubber plate and stuffed kiwi on his feet).  There was no school at RM House so they called in to see teacher Marion to pick up Rory's school books to take home.  They caught up with Nurse Steph for a final wound check and to collect courage beads for Monday and Tuesday.  Steph was amused by Sean's short hair.  They called in to see Dr Sarah for the last radio oncology clinic appointment.  Dr Sarah said all Rory's blood test results were ok, and to monitor him for any side effects for the next couple of weeks.  The boys stopped off in Albany on the way home to use the Nature shop vouchers Lyn had given Rory.  Note:  beware of the zapping packet of chewing gum!

I spent two days working on my report for Council.  It was good to see everyone in the office yesterday.  Dianne always manages to surprise me by doing something generous and considerate.  I hope I made her smile on her birthday last Friday.  Last year on her birthday one of the presents she gave me was a pickled shark - but that is another story!