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25, Jun, 2009

Thursday 25th June 2009


It's me and Sparky our kitten in Rory's class today, along with all the other children.  Sparky needed his first immunisations this morning and Rory wouldn't let me leave him at the vet until lunchtime.  Rory is settling back into the school routine.  He seems to be working at the level he did before all his treatment but struggles a bit with the pace of things, particularly the change-over between activities as his co-ordination lets him down a bit.  He is taking great glee shocking the children with his joke chewing gum at morning break.  He is very glad to have best mate Kody at his side.  Kody has taken it all in his stride and given Rory security and confidence to start again.  Korie is away with a bad cold again today so I have kept my desk space (although I know Rory would like to trade me for Korie, and put me in Tamsin's adjacent vacant space).  I'm trying to get some work done but there are a few distractions and the wireless modem is struggling to keep up.  We are sticking with half days at school.  I think Rory would probably stay for a full day but I have three months worth of stuff to catch up from at home, and I'm aware the five week break until chemo will pass by way too quickly.