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26, Jun, 2009

Friday 26th June 2009


Rory was thrilled to see Korie walking through the school gate this morning.  He fills the reserved empty male space in their group of desks.  The end result was I lost my seat.  I was lucky the class spent the morning in the staff room doing CRT with Mrs Patterson so I could find myself a small space at the end of one of the tables. 

Yesterday afternoon Rory and I went for a walk to meet the school bus at Waihue hall.  Rory walked almost two kilometres himself, then rode in the buggy.  Sam was thrilled to get off the bus and walk the last 2.5kms home with us (not!).  Being out walking was a good opportunity for Rory and I to talk.  He has been the centre of attention this week, crowded by children, many of whom I don't recognise.  We talked about how it is great to make new friends, but it is more important to remember who his friends were before the cancer was diagnosed, and who have supported him through it.  I also followed up on a comment Miss Whiting made yesterday in class after the spelling test.  When things get hard the main thing to do is keep trying and not give up.  You might surprise yourself and do better than you thought you could.  This is a philosophy we prescribed to in all aspects of our lives.  Rory's spelling test showed he was at the level of a 10 year old.  This was a relief to me.  One of the long-term side effects of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy are developmental impairment so it was reassuring to see he has a head start.  If we can all continue to build on this he will go as far as possible.  

This morning Rory, never more than a couple of feet from Kody, is working on producing a page of a book "to catch a cat" for the class.  The foundation of the book is spoonerisms.  A spoonerism is an error in speech or deliberate play on words in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched.  Whew I'm glad I don't have to repeat primary school.

I am always pleased to see Katherine and Trudi.  They are always so positive and vibrant, and quietly work away behind the scenes to help.   I gave Katherine some more ribbons and cards about Rory's website for the Dargaville Public Library and Medical Centre.  Trudi had been the catalyst for another fundraising event.  She had worn a green Rory ribbon to her Tupperware meeting.  One of the ladies had asked her what it was for and so she told her about Rory and his website.  This lady works at WINZ in Whangarei and once per month the staff hold a mufti day and fundraise for a good cause.  They would like to show their support for Rory in the near future.