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30, Jun, 2009

Tuesday 30th June 2009

Rory stayed for a full day at school yesterday, and was back on the bus for more again this morning. As the days roll by Rory is slowly returning to being a normal seven year old, although he obviously has residual effects from his cancer. In some ways it seems cruel to re-submerse him in normal life, only to pull him out again in four weeks time. I can only hope the dunking has helped strengthen him and put back together some of the pieces which had fractured so he can face the long walk home again.

Yesterday I ducked down town for half an hour to do a few jobs at lunchtime and when I told Rory I was leaving he said "see you mum" without a concern! The school day seems to pass fairly quickly and is full of much the same things I did as a child; spelling, writing, reading, maths and music. It is cold in the class today my hands are like ice-blocks. After school my aim is to get the boys out on the road for a walk or ride to get some fresh air and exercise to balance being inside all day.