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03, Jul, 2009

Friday 3rd July 2009


We have left the winterless north for a week in Taranaki and I have to say the weather is not much better, it's still wet but 2-4 degrees colder!  We always spend our trips to the Naki rushing around to pack in as much as possible in a small space of time.  I often go home exhausted but very glad for the experiences, and I'm sure Sean and the boys feel the same. 

Rory has loved his time at Dargaville Primary over the last week.  I watched him kick a ball around with his mates on the asphalt on Wednesday and I was glad for small miracles, for this time off we have been given.  He had a half day at school on Wednesday as there were parent teacher interviews in the afternoon.  For us it was an afternoon off.  There was no point meeting with Rory's new teacher, and Sam's was sick with laryngitis.  We did the (last minute) packing and Rory and I headed out for our afternoon walk while Sam had soccer practice.

It was a long drive down to New Plymouth on Thursday.  The boys are great travellers, not surprising since we have done long distances ever since they were babies, what with regular trips to the Naki, Sean's hunting Northland-wide, and my pursuit of birds from one part of the country to the other.  The boys passed the time playing their Nintendo games and drawing in their sketch pads.  We had a couple of stops on the way to break up the trip, but were all glad when we pulled up at Nana and Poppa's in the dark at tea time. 

We have crammed plenty in today.  We had a surprise visit from cousins Sacha and Corbyn before they went to school.  Corbyn had a number 1 haircut so he would look more like Rory, both boys thought this was pretty fantastic.  Rory rode his bike a kilometre out from home this morning.  It turned out the trainer wheels we bought didn't fit on his normal bike so Sean and I took turns holding the seat.  He walked the journey back home.  We are going to put the trainer wheels on his old bike at Nanas and see how that goes.  We had morning tea with Uncle Guy at Sport Taranaki.  The boys were very impressed with Uncle Guy's flash office and the fact his job was sports-related.  We then went with Nana to the Hospice op-shop and spent an hour hunting for treasures.  Rory came back with a couple of books, some caps for his cap gun, a video, a large bouncy ball, and some rubber wrist bands.  After lunch we went to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen at the movies.  It was action packed from the start.  The Transformers and the humans beat the Decepticons in the end, thanks to the efforts of the Autobots, and human Sam and his friends (Sean was very impressed with Sam's luscious girlfriend).  When I asked Rory if I could hold his hand when the movie was a little scary he told me to 'get over it mum'.  After the movie we picked up a couple of things for Rory.  His head is very sensitive and he doesn't like pulling sweatshirts over it so I have had to find zip up sweatshirts for winter, plus he needed a new bike helmet which covers the shunt and the back of his head.  Thank-you to those of you who have donated money for Rory.  It allows us to purchase things which look after him, and make his life a little easier.  Cousins Sacha and Corbyn came back for a play before dinner time, and we have made arrangements to spend some time together tomorrow.