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05, Apr, 2009

5 April 2009

Today we visited Butterfly Creek.  We went into the butterfly aviary.  It was hot and Rory got sweaty as there are large heaters and a blower to mimic the butterflies homes.  The butterflies were flying free and land on you and the surrounding plants.  One tried to hitch a ride out of there on mum's backpack.  We also visited the bug exhibit.  It contained a whole lot of tarantulas, cockroaches, wetas, and bees.  We went on the train ride, and fed the animals at the farm yard (goats, sheep, chickens).  Rory held a baby bunny.  It was the colour of peanut butter.  We had lunch at Westfield Mall in Manukau City.  Rory bought a Drago Battlegon Brawler key ring with some of this birthday money.  Sam - its the Master.

There is a party and dinner tonight at Ronald McDonald House.  It is being put on by the Tamatea family who have a long association with the house. 

I spoke with Dr Jason this morning.  Surgery has been confirmed for 8.30m Tuesday morning.  So we have to return Rory to Ward 26A tomorrow afternoon so they can run the required tests.

Quentin Dreadon and Lauran Crichton dropped a truck load of firewood at our place at Waihue.  Thanks guys, and to all the stackers, who have ensured we will be warm in the winter months ahead.

I posted a CD of photos to Mandy at Smokeylemon today.  She is one of my old friends and designer of this webpage so hopefully on Tuesday there will be new images for you all to see.